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Academic Blogs

LSE EUROPP - European Politics and Policy. “Has economic moderation contributed to the decline of social democratic parties?” October 2021.



The Loop. ECPR's Political Science Blog. “Can policy choice reduce the income gap in voting?” May 2021.

King's Think Tank. King's College London. “The Spending Review: Short-termism, Ideology and Economic Illiteracy.” November 2015.

Non-Peer Reviewed

Polacko, M. (2019). “Canada’s Failed Corporate Tax Cutting Binge.” Monitor. 26(4): 20–21.

Polacko, M. (2016). “Napoleonic Elizabeth: Defender of the Realm.” Strife. 6(1): 1–11.

Polacko, M. (2016). “The Case for Keeping and Reforming Inheritance Tax.” Spectrum. 6, 12–13.

Polacko, M. (2015). “Cameron’s Corporate Tax Cuts Are Not Working for Britain.” Spectrum. 5, 1–6.


Ángel Munárriz. “La desigualdad mete a los pobres (y a la izquierda) en una trampa electoral.” infoLibre. Julio 2, 2022.

Insights. Canadian Journal of Political Science podcast. "The Changing Nature of Class Voting in Canada." Episode 6. May 9, 2023.

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